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Floris United Methodist Church

Financial Information


Floris’ operating budget is supported by the generous gifts of its members and family. These gifts help support the many programs and outreach missions of the church as well as provide funds needed for facility maintenance, administration, and salaries and benefits for clergy and staff. Additional funds are also received from individuals, grants, partner churches, and fundraisers to support designated church missions. Floris’ financial statements are reviewed annually by an independent CPA.

The Finance Committee is responsible for raising, managing, and dispersing the church’s funds so that the mission and vision of the congregation can be achieved. The committee is served by a talented group of individuals with varied backgrounds, including mortgage bankers, CFOs, financial and system managers, business persons, lawyers, and individuals that contribute their experience from other Floris committees. Each year, the committee coordinates the formulation of the annual operating budget and conducts a
stewardship campaign to support the budget. Throughout the year, the committee provides monthly financial reports that evaluate the performance of giving and expenses against the budget and evaluates proposed program changes that have a financial impact on the church’s budget.

In addition to the operating budget, the Finance Committee provides financial guidance for building projects and other large capital purchases, such as the parsonages. All financing and investments relationships are handled by the committee.

The Finance Committee established the Floris Endowment Fund for members to give lasting gifts that provide a legacy of support for Floris UMC in perpetuity as the investment grows in the future. The fund is managed by a separate Endowment Committee.