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10/26/2014 Generous Legacy

The Psalmist teaches us that when we embrace God’s generous nature as our own, we find a security that circumstances cannot shake and a joy that is a blessing to others. Often we think of generosity as an act we offered in the past. Today we consider how generosity will impact the future for many years, as others consider how we lived our lives. What is the legacy you hope to leave for your children and community and what are you doing to ensure it is accomplished?

Simply Generous Tom Berlin
10/19/2014 Generous Exercises

A hallmark of the Christian life is the desire to excel in what Paul calls, “the grace of giving.” People have so much to offer – their love and kindness, their words and actions – the key of the generous life is to move from the desire to be generous in some way to the act of generosity. In this passage, we find Christians who encouraged everyone by the joy they found in acts of love and service for Christ. Come hear how their joyful testimony still teaches and encourages us today.

Simply Generous Rev. Tom Berlin
10/12/2014 Generous By Design

Generosity does not happen by accident, but by thoughtful intention. It requires us to look at our lives and priorities, then make decisions about how they will be deployed. Most people want to act on their generous spirit, but find it impossible because their life is not designed for it. Come hear the secrets that enable people to move beyond wishful thinking to enjoy the generous life.

Simply Generous Rev. Tom Berlin
10/5/2014 The Generous Spirit

Jesus's parable of the vineyard owner who paid every worker the same, no matter how late in the day they began, is an affront to our sense of justice, but it tells us a great deal about the freedom of God’s abundance. Understanding God’s generosity enables us to take hold of the Christian life with a renewed experience of grace and joy.

Simply Generous Rev. Tom Berlin
9/28/2014 Goodness

Today was bible Sunday for third graders. Rev. Barbara Miner shares a message with third graders about the treasures found within the pages of the bible.

Standalone Sermons Rev. Barbara Miner
9/21/2014 What about Homosexuality?

States are legalizing gay marriage, many Christians and churches are divided about this topic. How do we stay united in the midst of such a debate? Is the unity of Christ sufficient to keep us together in what can be a powerfully divisive conversation?

Together: Remaining United in a Time of Division Rev. Tom Berlin
9/14/2014 Christianity and Other Faiths

We live in a diverse community with people of many faiths or no faith at all. Does God love us all or just some of us? Are Christians the only ones going to heaven? What do we believe about pluralism of religion and how does that impact who we are as Christ followers?

Together: Remaining United in a Time of Division Rev. Tom Berlin
9/7/2014 Life and Abortion

Christians have a lot to say about the sanctity of life and the practice of abortion in every part of the social spectrum. This week we will look at different facets of this hard topic in our society.

Together: Remaining United in a Time of Division Rev. Tom Berlin
8/31/2014 What Do We Believe About the Bible?

Most of us find that the Bible answers our deepest longings, however it raises perplexing questions. In this sermon, Tom helps explain the origins of the Bible and how to understand it and attempt to apply it to complicated issues in life.

Together: Remaining United in a Time of Division Rev. Tom Berlin
8/24/2014 Community and Power

This week we will reflect on how Christ calls us to love all people, and calls on us to care, in particular, about the outcasts of our world, just as God does.

Message in a Movie Rev. Tim Ward