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Floris United Methodist Church


Prayer stands at the center of who we are as disciples of Jesus Christ, and who we are as the people of God. Together as a praying congregation, we can lift up to God the needs of our friends and family, our towns and states, and country and our world. Prayer is life creating and life changing. Prayer is truly the avenue God uses to transform us and the world in which we live.

Floris Church has been blessed with a group of women and men who have committed themselves to a ministry of prayer. You are invited and welcome to become a member of the Floris Prayer Chain or the Floris Prayer Log Ministry. Here is a brief description of each ministry:

PRAYER CHAIN: Members receive a prayer request via email and immediately pray for that request. The members continue to pray for the request each day during the following week.

PRAYER LOG: Members receive a weekly mailing with copies of the written prayer requests that come to the church each week on the yellow prayer cards and in the prayer request notebook that is located in the church chapel. Members are asked to immediately pray for the requests when they receive their letter and then continue to pray throughout the following week.

All of our prayer team members are deeply committed to keeping prayer requests confidential.

If you would like to become a participant in the Floris Prayer Ministry,
please sign here.


A monthly prayer ministry orientation for anyone interested in joining the prayer ministry is held on the first Sunday of each month, immediately following the 11 AM worship service.