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Floris United Methodist Church

Serve the Community

Floris UMC has been an integral part of the Herndon community for more than 100 years. Rooted in Biblical and Wesleyan foundations of mercy and justice, Floris UMC has played a role in serving families and individuals that face emergencies and socioeconomic challenges. Today, Floris UMC is actively involved with local community organizations and schools that seek to improve and transform the community. As recipients of God’s saving grace, Floris UMC is called to share our service and our faith to those in need. We believe that by following Jesus, we can transform ourselves and the world.

Floris UMC has been in Partnership with Hutchison Elementary School for more than a decade. Floris UMC has many programs and ministries that support the students and staff of this multicultural Title I school.

Floris UMC also participates in Hunger and Basic Needs Ministries by partnering with community organizations and other faith communities. Floris UMC seeks to serve families and individuals in need of food, clothing, and shelter.