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Floris United Methodist Church

The Spiritual Journey

We invite you to join us on the greatest journey of your life-- The Spiritual Journey – as together we strive to become a community of deeply committed Christians. Sometimes getting started can be intimidating, especially in such a large church, but we are here to help guide you as you begin (or continue) your journey of faith. The first step is defining what it means to be a deeply committed Christian.

We have programs designed to fit your needs - wherever you might be on your personal journey of faith. We promise... navigating the journey is worth the effort. Your life will be richer, your connections with God and others will be deeper, and your faith will grow stronger as you KNOW, LOVE, and SERVE God.

Where Do I Begin?

Not everyone starts the Journey at the same place or in the same way. For many, worship is the first step on the journey of faith. You may have started by serving in missions, or maybe you attended a class, a learning event or a support group. A great place to begin would be to take the Individual Spiritual Assessment

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1. Coffee With The Pastor
2. Starting Point

Join a Community
Wherever you begin, we recommend one of your first steps be to participate in Community. We recommend taking Alpha, Knowing God, Loving God and Serving God.

Going Deeper
When you're ready to do deeper, Group Life offers longer term relationships where you can grow in your faith, make lifelong friends and make a difference in our community and the wider world.

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