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A World Without Color

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Have you ever had a conversation with someone about which of your five senses would be the most difficult to lose? I know many who say that the sense of soundconversations, music, alarmswould be difficult for them to lose, but for me it would definitely be the sense of vision.

Scientifically speaking, eyes have cones, which are what help us identify different colors. Humans have three cones usually. Those who are colorblind have only two cones and cannot see all the colors most of us can see. But did you know gold fish have four cones? That means there are more colors out there than our eyes have ever seen! Imagine all the colors you can see, and then imagine that there are even more you have never seen.

Imagine a world without color. Life would be like living in a black and white movie. Black, white, grey. Black. White. Grey. Repeat.

Colors are what make flags identifiable. Color makes our fashion industry thrive. Without color we would have trouble identifying sports teams. Can you imagine the dark grey team playing the light grey team? Snorkeling and diving wouldn't be the same without colorful coral reefs and the shimmering hues of various fish. Peaches and apples would look almost the same. Without color our beauty industry would be nearly nonexistent, and interior design would be narrowed down to patterns and designs.

If we had no color we couldn't appreciate the bright blue of the ocean or the beauty of a sunset. Walking through a garden just wouldn't be the same. Colors make our lives more interesting and diverse. Imagine a world without color, without regal red or leafy green. Imagine a world that is boring and full of grey. Our Lord, creator of everything, creator of all colors, has blessed us with eyes that are made for seeing, seeing the beauty that's all around us. Happiness can come through color, through its various hues and shades. Color can be powerful, stimulating, and soothing.

I thank the Lord for all he has given me including the sense of sight and a passionate love of color that came from God's imagination. Color is something everyone can use in a practical sense, but for those who are truly devoted to color it can be a link to passion, unspeakable joy and a connection to God unlike any other.

"A world without color is an impossible conception. It would be a world of mental darkness, of frustration, and no other gifts of civilization could, in any wise, compensate us for the loss of chromatic values. We should go mad in a colorless world." – Anonymous,The Chemist, vol. 20

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