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eNote from Rev. Tom Berlin August 1, 2013

Dear Floris Family,

I have been on the road this past week. I officiated the wedding of a friend in Charleston, South Carolina. Karen, Sarah and I then took our daughter Kathryn a van load of her possessions for her new apartment. She will be teaching in Florida with Teach for America. It was great to see where she will be living as she begins a new chapter in her life. We were able to spend a few days relaxing and spending time together. She enjoyed the break a great deal because it followed several weeks of training. Watching your kids take the next step, whether it be a new school, a new job, the military or college, is a time that is full of excitement as they move forward in life. It is also a time that leads me to pray with gratitude for the children we enjoy and for God's provision in their lives, especially when we as parents will be miles away. I am sure that many of you are cherishing the time with your families this summer. No matter how old we are, or what season of life we occupy, time with those we love is a chance for thanksgiving to God and appreciation for the blessing of those special to us. I am now back in town and looking forward to starting a new sermon series, Bold.

Here are some things happening at Floris UMC this week:

Live Stream Update
You may have experienced a delay between audio and video on the live stream Sunday. There was a software upgrade that impacted the quality of the feed.The A/V ministry worked diligently Sunday morning to restore the quality of the live stream. To ensure that we are aware of all the issues you may have experienced, we'd like your feedback. We are committed to improving the online experience. Thankyou for your patience.

This Week in Worship
The Bible is full of ordinary people called to be courageous and do bold things for God. Taking bold steps is not just for Bible heroes, however. It is something we all have to do in a variety of ways. Sunday we begin a new sermon series, Bold,where we examine the lives of people who found courage andsee the lessons they canteach us about a bold life. Join me for "Stepping Stones to Boldness." Scripture: Judges 6:25-32.

In Christ,

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