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eNote from Rev. Tom Berlin July 18, 2013

Dear Floris Family,

When I saw the sign that read "quilt show" in our driveway, I assumed that it would be quaint and something that my wife would enjoy. The other day I toured the Sacred Threads exhibit in our Fellowship Hall and was simply amazed. This is a collection of art. It is amazing what people have been able to do with fabric, needle and thread. Each work has a theme and a small explanation of what the artist was thinking when the piece was created. I hope you will tour the exhibit and invite your friends along as well. Sacred Threads is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m through July 28.

Middle School Girls Need Your Help
Recently, one of our female chaperones for the Jeremiah Project (JP) trip July 28 – August 3 had to withdraw from the trip. Student Ministries has been working hard to fill this position, and on July 9 informed the parents about the chaperone vacancy. These parents have checked their calendars and family obligations and are unable to go with the girls. JP has adult leader ratios we must meet and if we do not have an additional female chaperone, the girls will not be able to go on the mission trip. I am asking Floris women to consider supporting these students by becoming a JP chaperone. For more information about the trip or to volunteer, contact Donita Dickerson.

Giving Kiosk
The Giving Kiosk that I told you about last month has arrived and will be in service on Sunday, July 28. The Kiosk will allow those of you who do not carry cash to give to the church or pay for events while you are physically in the building. Many of you have told me that you rarely carry cash, preferring to use a debit card for transactions. Some of you may find the Giving Kiosk something that feels out of place in a church. That is exactly how people felt when checks were placed in the offering plate in the last century. The Giving Kiosk represents the change in the way people are handling monetary transactions and is commonplace in every other area of your life, from gas pumps to the grocery store. The Giving Kiosk is available for those who find it a more convenient way to give to the church or to special offerings that are made available. Look for the Giving Kiosk next weekend next to the Connection Desk. If you have questions about the Giving Kiosk, contact Pam Piester.

Notary for Upcoming Seminar
We've had a tremendous response to our "Yes, You Are Going to Die" seminar, so I need to find some additional notaries who can assist us on July 30. During this seminar, our members will be able to complete a notarized Durable Power of Attorney and Advance Medical Directive. If you are a notary, or if you know of one, please contact Pam Broadus.

This Week in Worship
This summer I have been watching our small garden grow. The first tomatoes are coming off the vine. However, the monsoon rains are beginning to pose a challenge even to the hardiest of plants. On Sunday I will be talking about the conditions that lead to the fruitfulness of the Christian life and ask you to consider, "Where Are You Planted?" Scripture: Luke 8:4-15.

In Christ,

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