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Last weekend I had the chance to visit a childhood church friend who lives in Concord, MA. My husband, my friend, and I grew up together at my home church as choir members since we were in elementary school. It was such a joy to share our old stories about our lives! While we were visiting Boston, we went to a couple of historical places including Plymouth. I'm always interested in learning new stories about Pilgrims and their journey to America. Even though my ancestors are not from Europe, the story gives me much inspiration in the challenges of Christian life. It was my first time to visit Plymouth. While visiting the Mayflower II, my heart started struggling to imagine how hard their 66 days on the ship was, especially for the women. The Mayflower was the first ship to come bringing women and children. As we all know, the conditions were poor, with limited food and water. As I read the names of who died on the journey, I wanted to ask them, "what made you step into this journey?" What made them to be bold enough to start the journey without knowing where they were going, how long the journey would take and how they would survive in the new land.

On the other hand, on our trip to Boston, we had two GPS', a map, four cell phones, plenty of iced drinks, snacks, pillows, and an air-conditioned car, and we still struggled in many times with frustrations.

I took a moment to compare my life to the life of the pilgrims. While we certainly have our differences, honestly we have a lot of similarities as human beings. What makes me so afraid and hesitant to be bold in Christ in many circumstances? I realize more and more that all the information and resources available to me are not helping me to hear God's voice and calling. I have too many reasons and excuses before I even consider obeying. Those voices seem more promising, reasonable, and of course less risky. I can hear the voices of the pilgrims who urge me to leave all those tangible things right now and kneel down to God and hear Him only to follow without reasoning because "now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." (Hebrew 11:1)

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