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Lift Your Light by Yoon Nam

The month of May is at our door step. It's hard to believe how fast time passes.

I am very excited in the month of May to "Pray in May." Some people compare prayer to breathing. I understand that view of "breathing" but I think that even though we can't survive without breathing, we can live without prayers. I think that living without prayers as Christians is like being alive without deep breathing. We often live without enough deep breathing. I notice when I am physically or emotionally involved, I rarely take a deep breath. So often I feel choked at those moments. That is why we give ourselves the intentional instruction, "breathe in and breathe out" in those circumstances. I think that it is very similar to our prayer lives. When we face difficult situations, we might feel an urgent need of prayers due to a similar choking feeling. Unfortunately, we sometimes get spiritually dulled and don't always see our need to pray.

I learned to pray through my mom who goes to a dawn prayer service in her neighborhood church each morning at 4:30. Whether or not there are urgent things to pray about, she still goes every morning. At times when I was in elementary school, I started going with her. I sat and waited for a while until she finished her prayers. I often wondered how she could have so much to pray about. She always said, "don't forget that a time of suffering is a time of the best blessing because you will pray more and getcloser to the Lord. The difficult situation is a tool to get closer to God. So, be thankful and ready to be blessed by the prayer time." I have been trying to follow her steps and attend dawn prayer services. It has been a true blessing to me, especially living in this area. Most Korean churches have the services each morning at 5:30. I still stumble and fall even though I pray. However, the prayers help me to see who holds me tightly.

We will have a joyful musical selection for worship services in May. We will focus on "evangelism" this month with up-beat praising songs. For this Sunday at 11:00 AM, the Sanctuary Choir will share the song, "Lift Your Light," as an offertory with brass ensemble and drums. We pray that our spirits will be revived with prayers and that we can share the Gospel with others who need to hear it.

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