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Prayer Walk by Bill Gray

So I completed the Prayer Walk. At first I must admit that I thought it pretty hokey. I mean, I pray for the church and all, and for specifics as they are needed, but walking through the building and praying? SurpriseI was surprised. You know, the building really is quite large. There are areas that I hardly ever see or use. This could be compared to my prayer life. There are areas in prayer that I've hardly ever gone, methods I hardly use or hear about. As I go through the Pray in May, I can say that I've been surprised by how utilizing different methods and taking different postures have revealed God in different waysespecially through my communication with Him.

I take for granted all that Floris does. We are a service church after all. Heck, everyone knows usfrom the ubiquitous FUMC stickers to the big programs we do and support. Yeah, great church. Yet what I experienced on the Prayer Walk wasn't so much a remembrance of things and programs or a display of pride or puffed chest about accomplishments (although that isn't as easy as it sounds). I'm overwhelmed by the commitment and passion that volunteers and staff demonstrate as a community in Christ. The Spirit is alive and working here. You can feel it. Room after room after room, filled most nights. Groups, be they young or old, seeker or saint, broken or healed. The Kingdom is just that, and here it is right before my eyes. People ask, "What is the Kingdom anyway?" Well, the Prayer Walk showed me just that. The Kingdom is here and now, physical, tangible, present in the structure to be sure. But truly it is in the heart of those that participate in the presence of the Spirit. Thanks be to God.

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