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Putting Others First

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Every year it's the same conversation: I say, "Happy Father's Day, Dad." And he says, "Every day is Father's Day." Over the years I've come to understand just what he means by that. He loves being our dad so much that every day is Father's Day to him. The older I get, the more reflective I become and the more clearly I understand the example that my dad set for me. He shows me not just how much he loves me, but he also provides me with a model for how to love my kids.

My parents were divorced when I was young, and so the time my dad had with his daughters was a commodity. One way my dad would spend time with us was to show up to our games and track meets. We would hear the "Case Whistle"two notes, one high and one lowDad's signal that he was in the stands. It meant so much to me that my dad, who was a very busy guy, would leave work early and travel around the county to see me play. Even though all that was exchanged was a quick wave, he showed up. Dad invested time in his girls.

On occasion Dad was able to spend time with us over the weekend. We often would sleep over at his house and come home on Sunday afternoon. In hindsight, I'm sure it was no easy feat to entertain two girls for almost 48 hours. He figured out early that day trips to Washington, D.C. were a great way to keep us engaged and not feuding. We would pack lunches and spend the whole day exploring one of the museums in D.C. Dad was so smart that he knew everything, at least that's what I thought, and we'd just be entranced with all the knowledge that we were absorbing from him. He could have spent the day watching football or working in the garden, but he spent it with us.

Dad's example of putting others first is exactly what Christ calls us to do. Putting us first models for me the selfless love of Christ. In my dad I see, in real life, the unconditional love of God. I thank God every day for him and feel so blessed that I will once again celebrate Father's Day with him!

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