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The Whisper by Yoon Nam

I have been thinking lately about some words related to each other– community, communion, communication. As a non-native English speaker, I looked through the internet to find definitions for these words. You might know this about the word, communion, but it is new to me. When we don't capitalize the "c" in communion, it means an act or instance of sharing, intimate fellowship or rapport. When we capitalize the "c" it means a Christian sacrament in which consecrated bread and wine are consumed as memorials of Christ's death or as symbols for the realization of a spiritual union between Christ and a communicant.Whether we capitalize or not, I have found through this short research that I have become a fan of this word. One of thereasons is that either communion or Communion gives me a feeling of being personally connected, cared for, and comforted. We can find a good example in the book of Genesis when God had communion with Adam and Eve right there in paradise every day. He walked and talked with them. Jesus gave us the most precious gift that we can taste of paradise through Communion. He gave and shared himself with us to have a real fellowship with God. Yes, I am the big fan of Communion because I feel more intimately connected to God through it, and that gives me deep comfort and makes me feel fully nurtured. As we pray, we can all have a moment of true fellowship with God through Communion this Sunday.

At the 8:00 AM service, Linda Scott will sing a beautiful song called, "Ridente La Carma (May a happy calm arise)" as an offertory. As you may know, Linda graduated from George Mason University and now works as an elementary school music teacher.

At the 11:00 AM service, the Viva Voce ensemble, a small student vocal ensemble, will sing "Kyrie Eleison" as an offertory and the Sanctuary Choir will lift up, "The Whisper" as a Communion anthem. Both songs will help us have a chance to think about communion with God with humbled hearts.

Here is the text of "The Whisper." May the Lord be with us in full during Communion!

1. In the dessert, in the wilderness of life, I am searching for the One who searches me.

As I am hungry, thirsty, lost, alone, I hear God's call: I hear the whisper of my name.

"Come to the table. Your name is written on My hand."

2. At the table, He prepares for me a place. He redeems me, I am pardoned by His grace.

He restores me with His rich and lavish love. In His call, I hear the whisper of my name.


Come to the table. Come to the table. Your name is hidden in My heart. Come to the table, and live.

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