Today, half of the team went out into a village for healthcare outreach.

We did 100 HIV and malaria tests, 50 pap smears, 30 ultrasounds, and 1 birth today.

When we arrived at the village, everyone was already waiting for us. At first they said a Muslim prayer, and then they said the Lords prayer. One thing that fascinates me about here, is that everyone is accepting of both religions. There is no rivalry or animosity, it is remarkable.

So many things happen here, it is hard to describe. This type of trip changes your life.

We played with the village kids, sang songs. It was a beautiful blending of two cultures.

When we arrived at the outreach, there were a lot of people waiting for us, at least 200 women and children. Women were lined up on four bench seats, packed in together, and everyone had a child on their lap, it was a beautiful sight.

-Sara Ferge (updating from a mission trip to Bo, Sierra Leone)

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