There is something about coming together as laity, without a “professional pastor” at the microphone, that is especiallypowerful. Sorry Tom, Barbara and Tim. When I hear the Lord’s Prayer offered in the voices all around me echoing through the sanctuary, this just simply sounds like worship to me.

Okay, I’ll admit, I almostdidn’tcome to worship this week because I knew there was a “guest” preacher. But I sure am glad I did. Rick Rappoport’s words and delivery were Spirit-filled and spot-on.Thank you, Rick. I am grateful for your message.If you missed it, catch up by podcast.

Rick’s engaging story about his wife’s great, great (?) grandfather, Pierson Loer,who ate a piece of pie every day of his life in gratitude for surviving a Civil War prisoner of war camp got me thinking about several things in a new way.

Pierson Loer, “The Pie Man”

  • Would I be able to enjoy a piece of ‘gratitude’ pie in the midst of true hardship like Loer did on the day he buried three of his children?
  • Would I be the one in ten who returns to thank the Master for my healing and hear His words, “I’ve been expecting you”?
  • What do I take as a given that is really a gift?

Right now, I am feeling grateful to walk again and totally convicted by that question. When have I ever given thanks for being able to walk? Now that I can, am I living my gratitude? Instead of coveting my piece of the pie, Rick has me eating a bit of humble pie.


What are you taking as a given that is really a gift?

How can you say “thank you, Master?”

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