Editor’s Note: This week 15 middle school students and fourleaders traveled to Romney, West Virginia to participate in a Jeremiah Project mission camp. Students help with a wide range of home repair opportunities, from painting to building wheelchair ramps. The following is a blog post from one of the students, Virginia Horvath.

This is my second time serving on the Jeremiah Project and my second time at this location: Romney, West Virginia. Something I noticed pretty quickly about Romney was the scenery.

The first time I was here I didn’t notice everything. This time around, I’ve noticed how pretty the mountains are and how the clouds look different than they do back home.

Yesterday our work group started construction on a wheelchair ramp for our resident. During construction, a three-year-old boy named Zaden caught my attention. Though he is only three, I saw God in him.

As we measured our wood and started digging the posts for the ramp, Zaden kept spying on us through the window of the house. He was so interested in what we were doing and wanted to help in whatever way he could. The only thing holding him back was his grandmother who knew that it wasn’t safe for a three-year-old to get involved in construction work.

Even though he could not physically help us on our project, Zaden’s enthusiasm gave me and my crew the extra energy we needed to work through the hot sun and serve our resident.

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