Editor’s Note: This week some of the high school students from Floris UMC are in Costa Rica serving on a mission trip. This post was submitted by one of the students on the trip.

Submitted by Jacquie Horvath

This is my thirdCosta Rica mission trip so I’m pretty familiar with the area and most of the people here. This year we had a theme for our week, Reckless, and the positive ways to be reckless. Throughout the week, I looked for people who were being reckless in showing God’s love. The people who live here and what they go through every day are reckless.

Earlier in the week, we got a chance to go into the village and hand out bags of rice and beans, and when we did this, we also prayed with them. We would always ask them what they wanted us to pray for and it was almost always to pray for their parents, kids, or family. It never was pray for them or ask Godto fix theirproblems. It was always for someone else. That surprised me a little because you look at these people who have so little and yet instead of asking God to help them, they ask Godto help others. I saw God in those people because they know how powerful God’s reckless love is and they want to share it.

There are also people on our team who are reckless; people who have stepped out of their comfort zone. They have shown me God’s love when they use all of their knowledge from Spanish 2 during VBS or when they translate the bible story to Spanish, or when they try their absolute hardest to sing Agua de la Roca even though they have never taken a Spanish class in their life. They are all reckless in showing God’s love and I’ve noticed it. They have changed these kids; they have proven God’s love to them and to me. I saw God in them today, yesterday and I know I will see God in all of them tomorrow too, because they are recklessly loving God.

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