Today was another great day at Hutchison. TheChipmunks and I went to music first today where we learned a song about freedom and created a dance to go along with it. This was a real hit with everyone because we were able to all share our ideas and put them together. We worked great as a group. In reading we worked on our sequencing and were able to piece together the order of events in a story we read, “How the Moon Regained Her Shape,” which we learned was a folk tale. Recess was exhausting but fun as always, and it was refreshing to come in to a snack of apple muffins. I worked with my group on the computers during Math. They were very eager to learn and begged to do levels higher than what they asked for. When they did these morechallenging levels they succeeded. It was overall a very good day. The Chipmunks are an awesome group with little to no behaviorchallenges, and I really appreciate that. I’m looking forward to the next few weeks with them!

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