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Belonging and connection are crucial for our overall well-being; adolescence is a period of time of incredibly important changes that drive adolescents to turn toward their peers for the life-giving support found in belonging to a group. Enter Student Ministries student groups.

In addition to providing a place for students to connect to their peers, small groups at Floris also offer adolescents another need—exploration. Students have lots of energy and a burgeoning curiosity about, well, everything. Our wonderful small group leaders value this energy and are practiced at directing it toward an exploration of the Christian faith and spirituality within the amazing, tumultuous, wild, and wonderful context of an adolescent’s life.

Student Ministries offers the following student groups:

XRoads  |  Sunday Morning  |  Small Groups

Middle school students and leaders meet during the 9:15 a.m. service in a dynamic small group setting to have fun, connect with one another and explore different topics of life and faith. Boys and girls have their own separate groups and leaders. Boys meet in room 222; girls meet in room 218/219.

XRoads  |  Sunday Morning  |  Group Gather

Middle school boys and girls gather as a large group for a time of fun, building relationships and being challenged in their faith with leaders who are present to help catalyze action and growth. This group meets in the Fellowship Hall during the 11 a.m. service.

We’re looking for program support! Assist the Middle School Program Director in running the 11 a.m. XRoads Large Group with a variety of tasks, including check-in, running games and engaging in topical discussions with students. This can be a one-time opportunity or an on-going activity.

Bright Life  |  Sunday Morning  |  Group Life

High school students and leaders meet together in a small group setting to connect, share what’s on our minds and have conversations about how the events happening in our world intersect with our faith. This co-ed group meets during the 11 a.m. service in room 232.

Bright Life  |  Monday Night  |  Group Life

Monday night small group meets students where they’re at on any given night.  We’ll discuss current issues circulating in the news and tackle them from an open-minded, compassionate perspective and address how to talk about tough topics with a Jesus mentality. Examples of topics include managing friend and family relationships, being there for others who are struggling mentally, self-regulating when stressed, talking about divisive issues respectfully and with love for those involved, following Jesus’ teachings when going to college and many more. This is a co-ed group that meets offsite.

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