Day 2 WHEW!! It was a very bright and early start with devotionals at 7am. I was sitting quietly when the reality of the moment set in here I am in Costa Rica. There are orange butterflies hovering over a bush with orange blossoms, a flock of doves is circling overhead, the sky is a beautiful blue with puffy white clouds, the sun is already warm. It was God’s beauty all around.

After a sumptuous breakfast of pancakes we boarded our bus for the Church to begin working. Imagine a large metro bus winding through a two lane road filled with dogs, people and kids walking alongside the road, and tight turns, all in a residential area! If you’re squeamish, don’t sit in the front seat!

Today I cried because the morning was so beautiful. Today I sanded a cinderblock wall with broken pieces of cinderblock. Today I filled concrete around rebars to help build a kitchen. Today I walked with others down the local street to beckon the little kids to come to bible school. Today I helped about 70 kids paint and decorate a picture frame without knowing a single word of Spanish. Today was awesome! But best of all, today we all worked as a team to show the love of Christ to a small part of Costa Rica. I can’t wait until tomorrow.

Beverly Fife

Today was the first day of work. Half the group went to an offsite church and half stayed onsite to work on the compound. I went to the church and worked with some people to help build a wall and put concrete on a wall. It was fun to work for the people of Costa Rica at the church, knowing that we are giving people something that they will use and cherish. The bus ride there was fun to see a small part of the country, but sad to see the poverty of the people.

We also did VBS at the church after lunch, bringing kids from the town into the church and to have a lesson of faith, or many of the older children especially the boys stayed outside and played soccer and football. I don’t know any Spanish but I could still communicate with some of the children and made a couple friends.

-Ricky Macheske

Hello All,

It’s day two of Costa Rica and so far everything is going great! The weather is beautiful and staying in the 80’s with rain in the afternoons. This morning once we woke up the staff had pancakes ready for us after a devotion which was stellar, due to the fact I had been expecting rice and beans for every meal. However, the rice and beans here are incredibly good. After breakfast everyone split up into work groups, both mixing and laying cement to build a road, scraping and painting a fence, or building a wall at the local church. After all the morning work, we regrouped for lunch and headed over to the church to teach a vacation bible school for the local children. In order to gather the children to come we walked a couple streets by the church to let people know, and it was eye opening to see how blessed we are and how the Costa Ricans live. It made me realize how much I take the safety of our area for granted. Everything here is either gated off or has barbed wire rolls for protection. All the children and people here are so happy and excited to go to the church every day and I must say that I probably learned more Spanish in one day here than an entire month in school. All the children are so cute and loved to be asked questions in Spanish, even though we are not the best at it. Overall, it was wonderful to see how all the people here are excited to worship and live out their faith, while still being good sports about all the construction we have going on.

Madelynne Norton

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