Today we went to a nursing home and walked around four different floors. We talked to all different types of people who told us about their lives and where they grew up. Each person had very interesting background stories that we enjoyed hearing and conversing about. When we were done spending our time with each person, we prayed with them and moved on to the next room to try and visit as many people as we could.

We also went to our daily location for Vacation Bible School. We played games, sang songs, and did arts and crafts that went along with the message about how God is always with you. We enjoy playing with the kids every day and getting to know them, as we can teach them more about our great God.

Finally we had a worship service in the church we are staying in that involved music and break out groups. There were four different breakout groups that you could choose from that fit your
worship style the best. There were arts and crafts, singing, discussion, and journaling. Just seeing everybody singing and hearing their thoughts on things during breakout groups moved us so much and really made us think about our lives and how fortunate we really are.

This week we got to see the city that we live so close to in such a different way. It’s totally changed our
perspective on life and how fortunate we are. For an example, at a soup kitchen we worked at earlier in the week, a homeless person had a tiny bag with all of their belongings smaller than most of our bags for a single week. We are blessed to be able to help the community in so many different ways as we are also growing closer to God. We hope to continue serving and spreading the word of God.

Kara, Jia and Taylor

This week has been an eye opener. It’s amazing to think that America’s capital could be affected, let alone touched by poverty. The conditions people are living in are depressing yet the nation has yet to respond. However, that doesn’t stop its residents from living out their lifes. The children we work with during VBS show immense amounts of energy and joy. The homeless that crowd the streets aren’t looking for money in greed, more so, they are looking for a companion to share stories with. You really
have to stop and think about our happiness as suburban kids. Sure we have good days, but the problem with us is that we are never satisfied. We look to gain more and more to support our happiness. Conversation is a simple gift taken for granted by many of us, here for those who experience poverty it is a significant gift. Gifts such as a conversation or a smile bring comfort to the victims of D.C.’s problems. I feel that this is the most important thing I’ve witnessed so far in my week here at CSM.

-Sean McCoy

This week I have done a lot of new things all around DC. I have packed food for sick men and women, boxed food at the Capital Food Bank, and cleaned up a sick persons yard. The most fun I have had is at the VBS though. At VBS we go into Anacostia and run a vacation bible school. We meet a lot of
kids who come from troubled and poor families. These kids have so much fun when they come to VBS though. Even just throwing a ball with them makes them happy. We sing songs, do crafts and play games. I especially had fun with a kid named James. He asked me if we had had anything to drink and I told him we didn’t. He then went back home and brought two juice boxes. James then asked me if I wanted one. I said yes and we drank them together. I thought it was a really nice gesture for a
kid from a poor family to be giving a stranger a juice box. I have had so much fun this week and I can’t
wait to see what we do tomorrow.

-Gavin Hartin

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