This week has been a great time; it has gone by extremely
quick. I have had the pleasure to meet new people, help out less fortunate
persons and grow in my faith. Everyone from Floris is so friendly and open so
it is very easy to enjoy time together. Driving to different sites is so great
because my driver is fantastic and a truly sincere young lady. I hope I will
get the chance to go on this trip again next summer.


This week has been such an opportunity! Not only have we
gotten to see downtown DC, but while doing so, serving others! Today, my group
went to a local elementary school and took out old hard drives and computer
monitors. We got rid of the hard drives and replaced the monitors with new
laptops! After installing the new laptops, we prayed for the children that
would get to use them. My favorite thing that I’ve had the opportunity to do
this week has been the Vacation Bible School! All of the kids are so sweet and
have such innocent personalities. Just seeing the kids singing along and
smiling makes me the happiest! The kids in my group love playing the water
games that we have planned! They are all such great listeners and all
participate as much as they can. Just
walking to their homes to pick them up makes me so appreciative for my house
and for my family. I wish that we could spend more time with them and I really
hope that they take full advantage of all their opportunities and make the best
of what life has to offer them!

-Emily Cochran

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