On Friday, we went to visit Aldo’s friend, Alejo. He shared an incredible story and testimonial. Alejo told us he once had a lot of material riches. The people of the village called him “the millionaire.” He did not feel very rich or fulfilled in his life. He was very depressed. One night he went into the bathroom and cried. Instead of taking his life, he felt the Holy Spirit take over. Once Alejo accepted Jesus Christ as his savior, he said everything changed for him. While Alejo lost all his money which would allow him many luxuries, he now felt very fulfilled. Alejo had more joy now than he did when he had all the material things. Through accepting Jesus and listening to him, Alejo became an instrument of God.

One of these ways was through music. Alejo learned to play an accordion on his own to share Christian music in worship. Alejo noted he listens to God and confirms what is being asked of him by several nudges. He shared a story of how he was nudged by God recently. The doctor sent him to the hospital for his diabetes. While in the hospital sleeping, God spoke to him to visit his friend in the I.C.U. He questioned this request but again felt the nudge. So he went down to the I.C.U and asked to see his friend. The nurse said he could not visit him. Alejo persisted. After several attempts, Alejo finally was able to visit his friend. His friend was not Christian. He prayed with his friend and asked him if he wanted to be saved. His friend said, “yes.” In that moment, his friend accepted Jesus Christ.

Just sitting there and listening to the stories Alejo shared, you could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. The joy and positive energy was so powerful. While Alejo is now a Christian, he shared he still struggles with daily trials but trusting in God and having faith will get him through.

This is one of many stories that will be shared on this mission trip about the people and the power of the Holy Spirit living in them.

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