On Sunday we attended a church service at Casa de Dios in Pilon. It was very different from the church services we have in the United States, but it was also a refreshing experience. In the service, the children did dances and were active throughout the service which was fun to see because they were so lively. The whole congregation was so involved in the service and would shout, clap, and dance. I can’t begin to explain how amazing it was to see, how filled all of these people were with the Holy Spirit. When the band was singing, the whole congregation was either dancing or clapping and singing along with the words. It was a bit overwhelming to see how they worshiped, but it also made me wish that our churches back home were as active and lively as is Casa de Dios. I think that it is also great that time is not an issue for them when they are worshiping. I feel that in the United States we are so engrossed in our schedules that we need our services to be an hour and no longer, but here they will worship for hours and not care. Towards the end of the service, Alcibiades (the pastor) asked the people if they wanted to go home or if they wanted to keep worshiping. That was so amazing to hear because it really shows that they will give up their schedules to continue to worship. It was also very interesting to see people fainting and shaking because they are so taken by the Spirit. At the end of the service when the band was singing the last song, so many of the people were dancing and spinning in circles and it was so evident that they live their lives for God and giving everything they have to Him. It is very hard to describe how much of the Holy Spirit these people have here and trying to describe it does not even come close to giving them justice. It is such an eye opening experience to see these people and I can only hope that I will be able to take away an ounce of the faith that they have here.

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