Dinner for 8 Guidelines

Each host will receive a call and email reminder to call their guests and set a date for the following month’s event.

  • The host is responsible for contacting the members in their group the month prior and providing several date options for the dining experience (typically Friday, Saturday or Sunday). Focus on getting the date confirmed with the group. You can inform them of the main dish and directions later.
  • The host is responsible for the main dish and beverages. Guests are given the choice of bringing appetizers, salad and bread, vegetables or dessert.
  • The meal may be casual, a formal sit-down or anything in between!  It can be an evening or a brunch. Eating out is not recommended.
  • Emergencies:
    • Guests-If an emergency arises after arrangements have been made for the dinner and you are unable to participate, you should contact the host as soon as possible. Please don’t leave the host couple expecting you (and your dish).
    • Hosts–If you cannot take the responsibility of hosting the dinner in your assigned month, please contact the Dinner for 8 coordinator immediately.