Dear Floris Family,

Many of you saw the story in the news about the vandalism of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Mosque that is under construction in Chantilly. Vandals broke about $60,000 worth of custom glass windows in the building. The result is a delay to construction that will add an extra month to their move-in deadline. The Ahmadiyya Community is a branch of Islam that has a focus on peaceful co-existence. They were our neighbors when Floris was in its second facility on Centreville Road. We allowed them the use of our parking lot on Fridays and found that they were gracious and appreciative neighbors. I wanted you to know that I reached out to the President of the community to express our sadness over this vandalism.

I consider this to be an affront to the religious community as a whole and wanted to extend my concern and sympathy to them. We know what it is like to face construction delays for events beyond our control. It adds costs and creates disappointment for the long-awaited move into a new facility.

This Sunday we will be concluding our sermon series on forgiveness. So many of you have asked questions related to forgiveness that we wanted to create an opportunity where all of us could share in the answers. During the sermon time on Sunday your three pastors will form a panel to answer your questions on forgiveness. You will be able to text your questions to us.

Ed Federico, our Staff Parish Relations Chairperson (that is our personnel committee), will be the moderator and help facilitate this time. We will not be able to address every question, but will attempt to speak to the most common questions and cover as many as possible within our time limit. We will conclude our series by sharing in Holy Communion.

Camp Hutchison 2012 – Mark Your Calendars

Thank you to all of you who participated in our first ever Camp Hutchison last summer, helping make it such a great success. Planning is currently underway for Camp Hutchison 2012, which will be July 9 to August 3. We would love for you to be involved in this exciting ministry. I know that many of you were unable to be involved last year because of the timing of our recruitment, so we wanted to make you aware of these dates now so you can plan accordingly. More information about the camp will be available in April. Questions about how to be involved, contact Jake McGlothin.

Take the Shortest Mission Trip in the World This Sunday

The one thing I have failed to motivate you to do over the years is use a parking shuttle. You have been willing to travel to Cuba, Mississippi, Africa, Costa Rica and other locations to serve the Lord, but getting our members to use the commuter lot has been a hard sell. So let’s not think of it as off-site parking. Let’s think of it as a short term mission trip, something you are doing to serve Christ and the church. You will start, during the 9:15 and 11 AM services, at the Direct Solutions/XO Communications parking lot on Sunrise Valley. Park there and get on the shuttle. You will get off at FUMC, go to worship, and then get on the return shuttle. Mission trip completed!! We will continue to offer this option as long as we feel it is needed so that our members and guests will be able to find adequate parking. I especially need you to take the parking lot mission trip if you will be on-site for more than one worship service or bring more than one car to church. And just think, no packing, no shots and only a small time commitment. This is the easiest mission trip ever! You will be serving Floris visitors and members who have mobility issues. If you really want to get involved, please consider volunteering for the parking ministry at Floris.

Mechanic Needed

Recently a Floris member offered a scooter to another church member who has a real transportation need. We are looking for someone with mechanical skills who can look it over and give it a tune up. Contact Pam Broadus at if you can serve in this way.

Church Council Update

Steve Salvatore, who serves as our Council Chairperson, has provided a summary of the January Church Council meeting. That document, along with ministry reports, can be found on our website on the Leadership Resources page. Read the January Church Council Documents.

This Week in Worship

Come join our discussion of Forgiveness. Scripture: Matthew 18:21-35.

On Sunday, I mentioned another resource you may be interested in related to Forgiveness: Forgiveness is a Choice by Robert Enright. There are also quite a few books on Forgiveness in our church library. I encourage you to stop by and take a look. If you have questions about the library, contact Annetta Kronz.

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