Dear Floris Family,

Last week I attended a planning retreat for the Child Rescue Centre and Mercy Hospital.

One story I wanted to share with you is about antibiotic resistance testing (called culture and sensitivity) that was added to the Mercy Lab in August, 2011. This type of testing is not standard or even routinely available anywhere in Sierra Leone, yet widely available here in the U.S. A few months ago a 14 month old girl was diagnosed with typhoid fever and treated at the Doctors Without Borders Hospital (MSF) near Bo, but she remained very ill. She returned to MSF, but was turned away because they had no other treatments to offer.

She came to Mercy as a last measure.

The doctor admitted her and ran a culture with sensitivity to determine the actual pathogen and the specific types of medications that would cure her infection. This is novel in the region – where ability to name the pathogen and understand its antibiotic resistance is a unique clinical service. It turns out that the medication with which she’d been treated for the previous two weeks was one to which the particular pathogen was resistant. It was the standard medication used to treat typhoid fever in infants, but Mercy’s lab was able to discover that the pathogen was resistant to this medication.

Within in a week of getting treatment with the antibiotic, recommended by the Mercy Lab, this toddler was cured of her infection. Without the Mercy Research Lab capability, it is very likely that this child would have died like so many others on the continent of Africa.

I want you to know that you are saving lives. The Christmas Eve offering and the hard work of so many of our volunteers are having a real impact. This is only one of many stories that can be shared about the healing that Christ is still doing today through your church. Special thanks to Dr. Dave Stenger and Dr. Cynthia Horner for sharing this with us. Read another healing story.

Practicing God’s Presence Through Prayer

This Lent enrich your prayer life by deepening your awareness and communion with our Lord. Pray through the visual and musical arts, movement, meditation, writing and other creative practices. We are offering opportunities for you to join others during this Lenten journey who are looking for ways to deepen their connection with God. Come participate Mondays at 7 PM, Fridays at 9 AM and Saturdays at 8 AM. A short meditation will be offered following Friday and Saturday sessions. Feel free to walk in and join any or all of these sessions, check the hall monitor for room assignment. Here is the schedule:

2/27- 3/3 – Labyrinth
3/5 -3/10 -Prayerful Origami
3/12 -3/17 – Taize/Chanting
3/19 – 3/24 – Prayerful Journaling
3/26 -3/31 – Praying through Art
4/2 -4/7 – Praying through Art

For more information contact Angie Errett.

Easter Basket Ministry This Sunday

Each Easter the Floris family provides Easter baskets to children in our community who are living in shelters and transitional housing. If you’d like to bring a smile to one of these children this year, I encourage you to stop by the Gathering Space after each service this Sunday or Sunday, March 11. You will receive a basket tag with instructions for filling one of these Easter baskets. Baskets should be returned to Fellowship Hall on Sunday, March 25 by 1 PM. There are still opportunities to be a part of this ministry by delivering the baskets to local agencies. If you are interested, please contact Kara Macdonald.

This Week in Worship

When Jesus taught his disciples to pray, he wasn’t just trying to give them a new spiritual practice. He was trying to change their lives and encourage them to change the world. So he taught them to pray, thy kingdom come, thy will be done. This Sunday we will talk about the subversion and conversion that happen when we are formed by Jesus’ radical prayer. Scripture: John 2:13-22.

In Christ,

– Tom

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