Rev. Tom Berlin's Video Note: January 10, 2019

This week your pastors are at Lake Anna. We are on a sermon planning retreat, thinking about what worship will look like for the year ahead. I think that you will find the topics to be creative, interesting, and relevant, not only to you, but to people that you know and might invite to Floris UMC.

This week we are going to be talking about StrengthsFinder, and I encourage you to join a small group, buy the book “Living Your Strengths,” and take the survey inside the book to identify your strengths. I think that this series is going to help you identify some unique strengths that will help you both in your home life, your work life, your friendships and relationships. I think this will be a great series, and we be starting that this week.

We are uncertain about the weather right now. There is a prediction that that there could be some snow. Keep an eye on our website to see if anything has changed or been modified in our schedule.

I want to let you know that next week we are going to have a special event on Thursday evening. There will be about thirty minutes of worship and thirty minutes of outside speakers, who I think are going to help you, especially if you are dealing with this government furlough. We are going to pray about the furlough, and we are going to help people think through financial solutions that you might consider. We also have Financial Peace University starting, and you can sign up for that now. This furlough has made a lot of us who aren’t government employees think about if we are ready if there would be a sudden stoppage of our income or if something really unexpected occurred. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.


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