Rev. Tom Berlin's eNote: March 21, 2019

This week in the “Reckless Love” sermon series we are talking about expanding your circle. I want to encourage you to have coffee, go to dinner and just find a way to spend time with somebody who is different from yourself. Expand your circle of relationships and see what you learn. We had a Charge Conference the other night, and the church leadership approved the church budget. Some of you have asked how we are doing this year financially. The answer is, we had a really slow January. There were a couple of reasons for that. First, we missed a Sunday due snow, and that always impacts us. Second, the government shutdown, which at that time I told people that if you’re not making income, it makes sense that you’re not giving because we believe in proportional giving. Now that many of you have been reimbursed for that time off, it might be time to look at that and ask yourself if you can make that back up on the giving side. I encourage you to do that; it will help your church out a great deal.

We will be opening up the Sensory Room this weekend. It is part of the Dream Campaign. It is for children with special needs, and it’s designed to help them feel calm and safe. The room has a lot of things to do. On Sunday, from 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m., you can come by and take a look at the room. This is part of our initiative to reach out to kids with special needs and their families.

Thank you to everybody who has signed up for those three teams that I have been talking about. I feel really good about the leadership in these teams. The church council talked about that, and we are ready to get rolling on that. I am looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.


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