We finished roofing Kathy’s house today. She provideda delicious eggplant appetizer as we worked.Eggplant Hurricane Sandy

Kathy now has a dry (and safe!) roof over her head. We had great support from the local roofing experts, Bill, Paul, and Greg, who spent a significant portion of their Memorial Day holiday away from their families to help us out. Here is the last shingle going on the new roof.New Roof Hurricane Sandy

We can’t thank the local team enough for all of the support they provided during our trip, from the great hot meals they cooked us, to the expert construction knowledge, to the kind words and prayers.

We learned a lot of valuable lessons on this trip:

1. Some people are down on their luck.

2. Some people are a great inspiration.

3. Sometimes the above two are embodied in a single person.

4. If you spend all day in plaster dust, it might try and re-form in your hair when you take a shower at night!

5. If you spend all day on the roof hammering nails, you might hit your fingers a couple of times.

6. Never, ever underestimate the value of a good host church. Lacey UMC clearly is living out Luke 6:31, “Do to others as you would have them do to you”.

We went out to dinner on the final night and the restaurant would only charge us cost for the meal despite our protests. We have been truly blessed by this trip, the people we have met, the work we have done, and the way God continues to work through us to build His Kingdom here on earth.

group Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Group #3 – John, Steve, Donna, Dan, Becca, Emily, Bill, Dave, Will, and Dave.

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