About.com suggests that these are the top ten New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Spend more time with family and friends
  2. Fit in Fitness
  3. Tame the Bulge
  4. Quit Smoking
  5. Enjoy Life More
  6. Quit Drinking
  7. Get out of Debt
  8. Learn Something New
  9. Help Others
  10. Get Organized

These are all great things. No one would argue that one of these things would not be good for your body and even good for your soul. What’s not on this list? Get closer to Godgrow in my faithmove on towards perfection. John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, suggested that we should all have a goal of staying in love with God. The way that we do that is to spend time with God.

What are you going to put on your list this year?

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