Not only was this my first trip to Haiti, it was also my first mission trip of any kind. I couldn’t help but feel the power of God once I set foot on the work site. The site was set adjacent to the school and we were immediately welcomed by the school children, the school staff, and the local workers who had already assembled at the site and had already broken ground on the project. It was easy to understand the importance of our mission when we looked into the eyes of the children and saw the immediate need. I thanked God for his strength, his mercy, and his grace and felt very fortunate that he embodied that same love and compassion in me so I could share the same with all those I met and with whom I worked. I travelled to Haiti hoping to put my faith into action. I was definitely shortsighted in believing that our team was simply going to provide physical and spiritual support to those in the Leon community. In so many ways the workers and the children taught me valuable spiritual lessons. They taught me that any hardships can be overcome by placing your faith in the power of Jesus. I saw the power of teamwork and how tasks can be accomplished by simply sharing love, compassion, and respect. I was struck by the dedication of the workers and the members of our mission team as everyone embraced the physical and emotional strength that could only be provided by God. With each bucket of dirt and each stone hand-carried to the site, our determination grew. While I knew from the beginning that I would not see the project finished, I couldn’t help but enjoy the satisfaction of departing Haiti knowing that all of us, mission team and local workers alike, had come together and made a difference. I praise Jesus for also making a difference in my life. This mission trip taught me an extremely valuable lesson about the love of God and how far-reaching is his hand.

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