Editor’s Note: Currently a team of Floris Missioners is in Haiti. We are blessed to bereceiving reports back from them about their trip. As the posts become available, we will post them.You can read previous post here.

Submittedby Katherine Hoing

post 5 pic 1What an amazing day we were blessed with in Yvon. The day was full of love, generosity, camaraderie, and joy. Almost immediately after our arrival, it was like we had been members of the Yvon community for years. Within five minutes of taking out our shovels and pickaxes, the number of workers doubled. The young men of the village joined in the digging, old ladies began pulling out rocks with their bare hands and skirtsthe work ethic and compassion of the Haitian people is so immense that no words can do it justice. The villagers of Yvon were pouring out the Lord’s love to us as we joined in their community.

The Lord’s love was not only visible in the physical building site of the new church. One could hear the laughter of Americans and Haitians in unison as we played games, soccer, colored, and so much more with one another. As I took a few moments to step back and witness all that was happening at the future church site and the fields around it, it was incredible to see different parts working together as the body of Christ. From the workers shoveling, to the translators, to the church leaders, to the soccer players, to the teachers, to the rock movers, to the encouragers, we and the people of Yvon have molded together and are all using our different gifts to strengthen the body of Christ.

After the sun set, dinner was served and the team gathered for devotional. We discussed the meaning and impact of our work in Haiti. One may ask if moving some rocks is really going to make a difference. Throughout the discussion, one of Mother Teresa’s quotes, “In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love,” kept running through my head. Yes, we will not return to the States with pictures of an entire new church that we built, but we can come back with pictures of smiling Haitians who have hope and strength to go on, innocent beings who know that despite their conditions, people who care for them exist, and individuals who have not known Christ who see the love of our Savior shine.

post 5 pic 2During the devotional, we discussed and were reminded about how fascinating missionary work is in that the blessings received and given through service multiply and this is how the body of Christ grows. Through our service and experience in Haiti, the love blossoming and growing amongst the people and community of Yvon and in each of the team members allows the body of Christ to grow and His love to spread.

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