Editor’s Note: As the mission trip in Haiti prepares to wrap up in Haiti, we’ve been blessed to have been able toreceive highlights from their trip each day.You can catch up on previous posts here.

Submitted by Jeremy Montes

Lying in my bed, I was thinking tomorrow cannot be our last day in Yvon. It has been such an incredible trip and has gone by way too quickly. Since people at home are getting 8 inches of snow anyways, I was hoping we could extend our trip just one more week. Knowing that’s not possible, we made sure our last day at the work site was an amazing one.

deeptrenchesWe got right to work when we arrived. Just 5 days ago (4 work days), the digging for the foundation was about 2 inches deep. Today we were closing in on finishing the 4 feet everywhere. It has been amazing to see the progress our team and the Haitian workers have been able to accomplish. Even the community members clearing the trenches with their bare hands helped so much.

Last night during our devotionals, we talked a little about how Jesus was able to feed thousands with just two fish and five loaves of bread. It is honestly pretty hard to eat our lunch in front of so many hungry kids. That’s one of the many reasons why today was amazing. We were able to feed them all with a small package of different crackers and Oreos. Each of them received two cups of water as well. It felt really good to able to eat and share with so many people.

kevinpitchingWe finished the day in Yvon teaching the kids how to play baseball. Unexpectedly, it was a pretty frightening experience;they were very quick learners. We were pitching to kids with real baseballs and real bats but tossing them within 10 feet. One ball was within centimeters of Kevin’s face. It wasn’t too funny to us pitchers but the kids were having the time of their lives hitting those baseballs.

We wrapped up our work in Yvon with a community prayer. We said our Au Revoirs, packed the cars, and headed back to the guest house. Yvon was one of the most loving communities I have ever been in. I learned a lot from the people about real struggle and hard work. I will never forget it, and I hope someday to visit again after the church we helped to start build is finished. Our team ended our night with a “secret Santa Haiti version”. We gave small gifts, each with personal value and significance. We thanked the interpreters for their all their help, love and, fun. I am so blessed to have had this experience with such an incredible team.

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