Editor’s Note: Currently a team of Floris Missioners is in Haiti. We are blessed to bereceiving reports back from them about their trip. As the posts become available, we will post them.You can read previous posts here.

Submitted by Ryan Redding

post 6 pic1Today was our third day on the work site in Yvon. It has been really great to see the progress that is being made as the mounds of dirt from the trenches we are digging have grown. Our hour-long scenic drive from the guest house in Petit-Goave to Yvon has been one of the many highlights of the trip so far. I could not think of a better start to our mornings here in Haiti. We have been incredibly blessed with great weather on this trip. Today was overcast and breezy, I couldn’t have asked for more perfect working conditions. Between all of the shoveling and pick-axing that is being done, we have been able to take welcome breaks to play soccer and Frisbee with the children here. We brought flashcards and Creole bibles with us to the work site today and were able to have short bible and English lessons with the kids. The children surprised me with how interested they were in learning our language. Before lunch we talked with the engineer on site and were able to hear an overview of how the entire church will be built.

We finished a little bit early today so that we could hike into the village and see where the kids and people in Yvon live. The landscape and vegetation here is truly beautiful and is an awesome reminder of how great our God is. We were able to see one of the completed churches here in Yvon, which was very nice and helped me better visualize what our beginning efforts here will someday become.

post 6 day 2This has been my first international mission trip and as such I have experienced many firsts. I have really gone through a full emotional range since arriving here on Friday. It has been both physically and emotionally draining, as well as incredibly humbling and uplifting. I am very grateful to God for the opportunity that has been given to me to come here, to work alongside the Haitian people and others from our church, and to see the hope and excitement in the children’s eyes as we interact and play. Although our last day in Yvon is tomorrow, I know that this week is one that won’t soon leave my mind.

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