Note: A nine member team from Floris ventured to Haiti from December 1 to December 9. This is the second team to go to Haiti from Floris this year. For the next few days we will be posting stories of their trip on this blog. We invite you to read about their experiences working in the community of La Tremblay.

Genevieve Manley and a team member at the work site.

Today, we woke up at the guest house after a night’s sleep that included bugs, dogs barking and the ultimate rooster crowing every hour. We had breakfast that consisted of toast, papaya and eggs with ham in them. We then got all loaded up and made the voyage to la tremble. I think these are my favorite parts. I love driving around and seeing different parts of Haiti. I feel like I get an authentic feeling of what Haiti is actually like. Once we arrived on site, we were greeted so friendly by the other mission group, and by the Haitians. We then spent the afternoon preparing our room. This was a shock because it is just a classroom that we brought cots into and put up mosquito netting. I think I was mostly in shock, because the guest house is furnished, and this is nothing. However, I love the small close-nit feeling that la tremble has. Our translators, Karen and Patrick are amazing, and the boys that are helping us are awesome too.

Karen and Patrick took us to our site (the church) and it has come such a long way from the pictures I saw. We worked just caring cinder-block from outside the church to inside the church, then we took gravel from inside downstairs and carried it up a wooden ladder (scary) to the upstairs, and then sand from outside to inside the church. This was so fun! I loved how we always worked together doing an assembly line, the Haitians and us. I just love how we are all working together.

Then we came home for dinner, and showered. And WOW…I was not ready for the shower. It is an outhouse with a bench, and you use a bucket and a scoop to shower. I think I was ready for the concept, just not the creepy building and the 9-10 year old boys who were creeping in!

We had dinner and it was great, all of the food is! This trip so far has been amazing. The team is meshing so well together, and I think God is omnipresent. I saw His work today when the young men we were working with took us to a local shop and we all got soda. My favorite part was all the children that flock to us. They just come up and asked us our names and want handshakes. Then we got to play soccer with them, and they LOVE bubbles. It just makes me smile, I love children so much, and they seemed to love having us around. This one girl in particular, wanted to show me around everywhere. She just made me smile and reminded me why I came on this trip. Overall, a great day! I am really learning to be grateful. I find myself just sitting back and taking everything in. And in doing that, I am able to see God in every scenario, and every person in my group.

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