[Editor’s Note: A mission team from Floris went to Haiti on March 22. While they were there, they wrote about their experiences. This post below is from their final day. For more posts from this trip,read here]

From Thursday March 29 –

We awoke today knowing that our adventure in Haiti was coming to an end. Swiftly, we dismantled the mosquito nets that kept us safe from disease, folded the cots that cradled our sleeping bodies and packed up our now filthy clothes for a journey home. We all made multiple trips down the stairs to load the two waiting vans.

As we bumped along the road to Petionville, all were deep in thought as we traveled these paths again. Memories kept flooding my head as I remembered the hike behind the school, the sounds of the Haitian church service and the many giggles of the children. I also was remembering the delicious shared meals and the fellowship that had formed among Team Three.

Within an hour we were back in Petionville at the Methodist Guest House. We unpacked again and met up with some new teams just arriving or working in the area. Everyone had stories to share about what they had encountered that day and week.

Lunch was special. We went to the Baptist Mission House, high on an overlook and dined on American style food such as hamburgers and hot dogs. We also shopped at their gift shop and brought home some small trinkets for our loved ones. Afterwards, we went to another beautiful site that overlooks Port-au-Prince. The city, the airport and the bay are all in view and we took team photos reflecting Port-au-Prince’s majesty. Vendors were set up at the sight and determined to sell us walking sticks and jewelry.

We returned to the Mission House and debriefed with Ann and she gave us a very thorough overview of what is happening in Haiti through the church’s auspices. It’s clear that BUILDING churches is not going to be the long-term goal and it’s time to transition to focus on school, poverty, housing etc. but there is still so much work to be done. None of us had the answers.

We shared a wonderful dinner together with our new friends and then met for a devotion. Afterwards, we enjoyed a unique sharing. Earlier in the week, each member of Team 3 had pulled a name out of a hat and was responsible for making a small, meaningful gift for that person. For example, Jim found wire at the site and he wove it into a beautiful cross for his teammate. I found a cement heart at the site that was filled with the many pebbles that we helped to move in and out of the church. We ALL felt closer to each other and to our Lord who helped to bring us all together here in Haiti. No one wanted to go to bed tonight. We knew we had a 17-hour journey north from Port-Au-Prince to Miami to Dulles Airport, and wanted to cherish just a little more of the Haitian hospitality.

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