[Editor’s Note: In early December, a Floris mission team returned from Haiti. Since there was no internet available while on their trip, we will be posting blog posts written during their time in Haiti over the next few days. Read previous posts here.]

We awoke today to the usual wake up call of the local “zoo” of roosters, chickens, birds, crickets and goats! The air was cool with a nice breeze that carried on from the night before with sunny skies.Breakfast consisted of pancakes and Canadian bacon.

We went to the work site at the church and continued to tackle moving rocks to the base of the church floor and helped fetch mortar and window bricks for the work crew. By the end of the work day the pile of stones had all been moved into the church. Before lunch, Jean Claude showed Jenny where there was a man selling cokes and other sodas some of them even cold! What a nice change of taste from somewhat tepid drinking water and sport drink additives!

We took a field trip today and went down the street to a family’s house that makes bread. We met the family, saw the huge baking kilns and purchased some fresh bread for everyone to try later. We may return on Wednesday before we were to leave for Les Cayes to buy freshly made loaves. They make them every Wednesday and on Saturday, about 4,000 slices is what we were told.

For lunch, Yvrose made corn grits with hotdogs in a spicy sauce. To our surpise today, there were goat babies in the latrine, how cute!!!

We were finally able to send a text to our families thanks to Danny’s International plan on his cell phone. Really great to make contact and received back a warm message from loved ones. We promised him all kinds of rewards back rubs, Salonpas [pain relief patches] anything to reach back into our old life, if only for a few minutes.

There is a boy named Lidji who is 11 years old that we all seem to have made a special connection with. His mother was ill yesterday and last night we found out she was not any better, but in fact worse. As a team, we decided she needed to see a doctor and she was taken in the dark of the night to a hospital. Today Larisa, Tracy, Jean Claude, Lidji, and myself walked about 2 miles to Lidji’s house to see how his mother was doing since returning from the hospital. Upon arrival she kissed and embraced each one of us with gracious thanks for helping her and her family. We were all very moved by this woman and her situation… Tracy led a beautiful prayer for her improved health and for her family before leaving back to our camp. It was such a good feeling to know that she was feeling better and that she got the care she needed and that she was back home with her family.

During the trip to and from Lidji’s house we discovered there are daily cock fights. That explains the numerous sightings of roosters under arms on motorbikes and with the pedestrians!

Back at camp for dinner Yvrose made like a rigatoni pasta with I think cheese and capers, beans and rice, spicy chicken stew and fried chicken.

We all bartered to find time to take a cold bucket shower at dusk. Once darkness falls, it’s a little more difficult to take a shower and see what you are doing under this plastic curtain!

We’re all dreaming of yet another day of hard work in Haiti tomorrow!

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