[Editor’s Note: In early December, a Floris mission team returned from Haiti. Since there was no internet available while on their trip, over the next few days, we will be posting blog posts written during their time in Haiti. Read previous posts here.]

Our first morning at our campsite in Bercy. We were all woken by many different sounds throughout the night. Rosters cock-a-doodling (they don’t just cock-a-doodle at sunrise), pigs squealing, dogs barking, goats scuffling around and we can’t forget, those not wearing ear plugs, hearing the wonderful sound of some peaceful sleepers snoring (no names to be named).

During those “cat naps”, named by Brian, we were also interrupted with trips to the latrine where we would be greeted by the baby goats, lizards, and the cock roaches.

The morning bucket showers were enjoyed by most, with some sharing their body wash and others screaming as the cold water poured down their back.

After a wonderful breakfast of apple cinnamon oatmeal and toasted French bread, we headed to the work site for our first day with our working hands and strength moving rocks and sifting sand. The children were all there to give us their helping hands and it was a great team event. Yvrose had a hardy lunch of a spicy tuna fish casserole, rolls and avocado waiting for us after our morning shift at the church site.

In the afternoon Danny lead our team in an ESL class for 30-40 children and a couple of adults. The children were introduced to the common phrases “Hello, How are you?” “I am fine” “What is your name?” “My name is” and they also learned family member pronouns. We sang songs and finished the class with the children dancing and drum playing as we all looked like crazy Americans trying to dance the Haitian dances. The smiles, laughter and glittering sparkle in the children’s eyes kept us going as we held hands and enjoyed the music.

The rain started in the later part of the afternoon, which did not stop Kate and Terry from playing a soccer game with the boys. They had a great time and were amazed at the familiarity of the rules and skills that the boys possessed.

Dinner was at 5:00 and again another delicious meal was served. Goat stew, rice and fried okra. Larisa and Trish were sure to count all the goats that we saw during the day.

At 6:30, we shared in devotions and conversation gathered in the small house as the rain fell outside.

Today the first full day with the children and hard work at the work site gave each of us our answer to why we wanted to go on this mission trip. The “why?” was seen in those children’s faces as we spoke to them, held their hands, danced with them and played games with them. Yes, building the church is important, but interacting with the children whether in ESL or just relaxing is the most rewarding aspect of this trip so far.

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