Editor’s Note: A group of missioners from Floris UMC has been working in New Jersey to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy. During their trip, they will be posting blog updates about their trip, and we will be posting them as they become available.

Submitted by Illene Hafker

Thursday, March 21:

We all arrived at Grove Hall Conference Center in Ocean Grove, NJ, safely around 4:30 PM. After settling into our rooms, we took a road trip to Ortley Beach to scout out the home we are going to be working on. Our ride was eye-opening as we saw the damage that occurred. You see pictures in the paper and on TV, but it really only hits you when you see it in person.

Post1The home belongs to an older couple; the husband had a stroke several years ago and uses a wheelchair. Their house was mainly damaged by flooding during Hurricane Sandy. Denise mentioned that they were lucky with only four inches of water, but many more homes had two feet of water, and some homes were smashed and swept away.

There is a lot to be donesubflooring, sheetrock, widening doorways, and installing a new pocket door. A major project is the step-down dining room that they want to make level with the rest of the floor, for easy wheelchair access.

P1Dinner was at Spikes in Point Pleasant, a fish market and restaurant that Sandy recommended. Excellent dinner enjoyed by all. Our waitress engaged us in conversation after our meal and expressed her gratitude for our efforts in lending a hand with recovery. Her house was not affected by the storm, but the restaurant had taken about two feet of water so she wasn’t able to work for a month. It makes you realize that disasters of this magnitude affect everyone’s life in some way. We arrived back at Grove
Hall for Devotions and then to our rooms for sleep or to the TV for March Madness.

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