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Submitted by Carol Burns

Sunday, March 24, 2013:

At 7:00 AM, we started our Palm Sunday by eating breakfast together with our team. P4Our breakfast composed of eggs, oatmeal, and French toast. Members of Lacey Church were cutting and splitting palms for the congregation and us as we ate. Afterwards we went upstairs to the beautiful sanctuary, each holding a palm. We were the only ones in church to hear a special sermon prepared for us by Pastor Linda. To make sure we were awake, Pastor Linda brought out her guitar, and we sang several action songs. Yes, we kicked our feet and moved our arms as we sang songs to honor Our Lord. Each of us read a verse from the Bible and listened to Pastor Linda as she made a cross from paper during P4toothe sermon. Afterwards we asked for guidance, from Mr. Bill, a member of the congregation, on how to make a cross from our palm leaves! With crosses in hand, our team was ready to embark on another day of work!

By 9:00 AM we arrived at our house and broke off toward working on our self-appointed sections. Mike, Marty, and Caitlin worked mainly in the side room. They finished the flooring and siding. Caitlin, the Mud Maestro, trained Sandy and Carol on completing the drywall. Soon the side and front rooms were finished with this step. Jason, Ashley, and Ilene worked long and hard in the back room measuring and cutting flooring and drywall. Paul and Steve cut boards and put in drywall and finished the floorboards in the house. Again, another long, hard day with a great deal of work accomplished.Post4

Denise walked with several of us to the beach, telling us about the homes and families that lived there. Many of the homes we saw were completely gone, and nothing was left of them except a sandy lot. We saw homes with curtains from the kitchen blowing in the wind and mattresses and beds left after the wall was torn off the now empty home. We felt blessed that we could help, in our small way, even with the tremendous damage that was still left in New Jersey.

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