“Until the spirit be poured upon us from on high, and the wilderness be a fruitful field, and the fruitful field be counted for a forest.” (Isaiah 32:15)

I spent the majority of the day shadowing the enrichment group, taking in the kid’s lesson and observing how they responded to it. I was overwhelmed by the excitement and passion exuding from the leaders and the kids while in class. The enrichment class started off with a lesson on telling the truth.

A chart was drawn with a face smiling on the right, and frowning on the left, where kids raised their hands to share positives and negatives about telling the truth. The smiling face side of the chart was made to correlate with traits a superhero would possess which made it easier for the children to understand. This also encouraged them to tell the truth so that they could be more like superheroes. After the lesson on truth, the volunteer leader, Doug, came up and introduced the kids to Project Wild.

Doug tells them they will be going out “into the wild” in a few minutes, and you can feel the kids anticipation grow. He showed them photographs of cicadas and locusts and tells them to look and listen for them once they go out. After showing the
kids poison ivy and teaching them the rhyme “leaves of three let it be,” they made their way out into the surrounding woods near the school. They started in a field and walked in a straight line towards the trees looking for jumping grasshoppers, locusts and other bugs. It was adorable to see the excitement as they all ran to a certain spot on the field when someone spotted a bug. Upon reaching the woods, they listened for the cicadas, and were led into a clearing in the forest where Doug showed them a squirrel’s nest. The kids’ faces lit up with excitement taking in all the sites, looking up at the upper canopy and squirrels nest, and down at the ground and various bugs. Shortly after the walk through the woods, the class was over and the group returned to the school.

The Project Wild portion of camp is going to be popular among the kids. It was extremely interactive and they adored getting outside, being able to run around. They were so interested to learn about the animals and insects in nature.

At the end of camp that day, I spoke with some kids about their day. They were very excited and couldn’t wait for the next day to come, and couldn’t stop talking about going outside! They loved being in the woods and were telling their friends various stories about the things they saw while in the woods and field. The next morning I was catching up with a couple more kids who were again gushing about Project Wild and were chanting the rhyme “leaves of three, let it be,” as they made their way to breakfast from the bus.

-Lizzie Dean

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