I dropped an ornament while I was decorating our Christmas tree. I was reaching to put an ornament in a special place, right near the top of our Christmas tree, on the side that would be seen by everyone. Most of our ornaments are pretty sturdy, collected over the years from friends and family or purchased in places we visited. But this one was different. Delicate and fragile, my friend had painstakingly painted all of the fruits of the spirit on it. I was so pleased when I ‘found’ it again this year. As I reached, it slipped from my fingers and fell. I tried to save it but only succeeded in bouncing it from hand to hand and out again and I watched as it shattered on the floor.

At first I was heartbroken. I got out the broom and dustpan and swept up the pieces. As I poured them into the trash can I was struck by how fragile life can be. But then I realized something else; how blessed I am to have a friend who will stand by me even when life seems to be in little pieces on the floor. I was reminded of how much fun I had with my friend, of how talented she is, of the Bible Study we shared together, of the mission trips we’d been on together and mostly of what a good friend she has been to me over the years. I’m sorry the ornament is broken but I rejoice in the resilience of Christian friendship and the blessing of joyful memories.

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