I don’t have cable service at my home, so I don’t usually watch TV programs and commercials. However, I like one commercial and logo. It’s Nike’s “Just Do It.” That says everything. How many times have I given tons of reasonable reasons for not exercising? I have thought about this phrase as it relates to our attitude toward God’s calling. With even a small request I make excuses to avoid doing what God wants me to do. And if the request requires any bit of sacrifice, “just do it” does not work well for me at all. Yet unbelievable surprises follow by “just doing” His will as we all know.

I have been praying for a JaM (Jesus and Me) Choir director, a volunteer position that requires musical skill along with love toward children. I was waiting for an answer, and I had almost given up having anyone soon. However, one person just agreed to lead these precious children a couple of weeks ago. I shouted for God’s faithful answer to our prayers, and was truly grateful that Camille’s heart answered the call. She is a music teacher at Mosby Woods Elementary School and an expert with children’s music programs. You will have a chance to see her this Sunday at the 9:15 AM service. In addition to Camille, there are more volunteers who continue helping our children’s music ministry, particularly Cammy, Maryann, Dee, Dallas, and Mercy. I truly want to express my grateful heart for their endless effort and obedience to God’s calling. Please join with us to pray for the continued growth of our children’s music ministry with the Treble Makers, the Little Praisers, and the JaM Choir.

The Little Praisers and the JaM choir will lift up their hearts with beautiful music this Sunday at the 9:15 AM and 11:00 AM services. The Chamber Choir will also sing, “Ah, Holy Jesus” at the 11:00 AM service.

We will have a special opportunity on the following Sunday, March 17 to meet a composer, Pepper Choplin. He is the composer of our two Christmas cantatas, and he is a well-known Christian musician. He will sing during the offertory at the 9:15 AM and 11:00 AM services and the choir will sing one of his songs at the 11:00 AM service.

I pray that God opens our hearts to just do His will without excuses throughout this Lent. Also, may the Lord make our hearts be filled with His beauty and love through our music during worship services!

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