So today in Bible school, Gene and I held a Bible challenge. There were four groups of kids that came through. In Bible challenge, we did the Bible passage Act 1:8 in which Jesus says, “You will be my witnesses to the whole Earth.” We had the children say the verse and then sing along to a song with the verse using with sign language.After the kids learned it, we gave two teams a Bible to see who could find it the fastest.At the end, we surprised them with cookies. In the third group, the children waited until everyone had a cookie, and then a girl took the initiative and said grace; it was a pretty beautiful act.The children do little acts like that throughout the day.

These acts are especially amazing knowing that, one, they were hungry and; two, they rarely get treats such as cookies.What was incredibly impressive was that at the end of the lesson we reviewed the passages from previous days, and even though we have been here all week, they knew them all like the back of their hands.They thrive and feed off of learning Bible versus and the teachings of Jesus. It is really heart-warming to see and to know that they themselves are genuinely witnesses to Jesus.

Submitted by Rose

After VBS, two speakersone from the Sierra Leone government and the other from a non-governmental organizationgave presentations to the team.The speaker from the Ministry of Education addressed the challenges facing Sierra Leoneans in educating their children.There is no universal free public education in Sierra Leone.Parents must pay the equivalent of several months’ wages to send a child to school. Many Sierra Leoneans have multiple children so they cannot send all their children to school at the same time.They must alternate among them, and it is usually the boys who go to school. In the past, the village was responsible for educating the children, but modern times have placed the responsibility more on the biological parents.The official said his department’s long-range objective is to educate more studentsboys and girlsbut it will take time.

The second speaker was from FAST, the Faith Alliance to Stop Trafficking.His organization is working to stop the trafficking of children, women and men who are adducted or lured away from their home communities and forced to work as peddlers, laborers or prostitutesessentially slavesin the capital city, ironically named Freetown. Some are even sent to other countries.The Child Rescue Center here in Bo has become a refuge for many children who would otherwise be caught up in this human trafficking. Currently there are three reservations in the CRC just for children who will eventually be identified as victims of trafficking.Helping Children Worldwide is making a real difference in the lives of these wonderful children in Sierra Leone and making real on earth the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Submitted by Gene Wiley

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