There is one thing that everyone knows about my grandma: she is obsessed with ice cream. And I’m not using that term loosely. Whenever Grandma comes to visit, we need to make sure that the freezer is stocked with at least two gallons. If it’s Christmas time, and we don’t have peppermint ice cream, someone is making a trip to the grocery store no matter what the weather is like outside. At my college graduation, my grandma got seconds at a self-serve frozen yogurt place. You can get as much as you want the first time! Once she took my sister and me on a trip to my aunt’s house, which was two and a half hours away, and we stopped not once, but twice for ice cream on the way there. Like I said, obsessed.

So from a young age, my grandmother instilled in me a strong love for ice cream. Because let’s be honest, it’s always easier to get through a hard day when you know that there is a bowl of rocky road waiting for you at home. That long drive in holiday traffic isn’t so bad if you stop for a scoop of cookies and cream on the way. And nothing livens up a celebration quite like some vanilla custard covered in sprinkles.

But my grandma, along with the rest of my family, taught me to love something else more than ice cream. Because if there is one thing that my grandmother loves more than ice cream and family, it’s her faith in God.

My grandmother and my family taught me that, much like ice cream, life is a whole lot easier when you have faith. A stressful situation at work is much less stressful when you know that God is behind you, ready to step in when you can’t do it all alone. If your health is faltering, it’s comforting to know that the members of your church are there to help. And nothing can convey the pure joy of accomplishing something quite like the perfect scripture verse or hymn.

I’m very lucky to have people like my grandma who showed me the tools that I needed to live the happiest life possible. I know some people aren’t this lucky, and so I’d like to encourage anyone who has tasted the sweetness of a faith in God to share that with someone else this holiday season. Because honestly, a life void of ice cream sundaes or void of a strong faith isn’t the happiest life that we could be living. And in the end, don’t we all just want to be happy?

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