I spent Columbus Day weekend at the beach with my husband, adear friend of mine and her husband. As we sat on the beach she and I reflected upon our friendship, one that is a direct result of our shared participation in a small group at Floris. We met when our girls were three and both of us were struggling to figure out how to be “at home moms” when we thought we were supposed to be “corporate professionals”. The two of us, along with three other women got together for Bible Study once a week, kids in tow. None of us were well versed in scripture so we rotated leadership of the group. Our first study was on Priorities. We chuckled as we thought about those early days.

Fast forward fourteen years, she and I are sitting on the beach while our husbands enjoy the golf course. Our three year olds will graduate this spring. As I watched the sunrise one morning yes, I’m an early bird! – I thought about what my life would be like without her and without the WOW Bible Study that brought us together. The women in that Bible study have walked alongside of me through some hard times, difficult, challenging seasons but also some wonderful, joyous times. Honestly, I can’t imagine my life without the women I have met through that group and I certainly can’t imagine a week without my Wednesday group!

Last night the Lay Leadership Committee hosted its inaugural Servanthood 101. Eleven participants came eager to hear how they can get involved in serving opportunities here at Floris. It was exciting to see people eager to connect not just to serve but to grow in Christ together. Whether it’s through serving or through a small group, getting connected is life changing. What about you, how have you connected here at Floris?



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