We are spending more of our time online during COVID-19, yet even our online connections can leave us feeling isolated in this physically distant time.

Are you longing for deeper community and a sense of belonging?

How can we reconnect in a disconnected world?

We have good news! Faith in Christ connects us, no matter the circumstances.


September 13 | Connected to Faith – Life Groups | Hebrews 10:19-25

If there has ever been a time to figure out how to connect to your faith and others, it is now. There is a way that you can anchor yourself to God and to relationships that bring greater joy and meaning to life and push away anxiety and despair. Come hear about one of the most important decisions you can make to improve your life and restore your faith right now.

September 20 | Connected to Others – Sharing | Romans 1:11-17 

One of the great gifts of the church is being connected to other people. In a time when we are physically distant, people can feel socially isolated and gloomy. We have news of hope to share and a welcome to offer. This week, we will talk about the power of connection and what God does when we share our faith and friendship with others.

September 27 | Connected to Compassion – Serving | 1 Peter 4:7-11

If you want to follow Jesus, you have to practice compassion and servanthood. It has been difficult to know how to serve others during this time. When we connect to service, we find purpose and joy. Join us as we talk about how all of us can show love and compassion in ways that change our perspective and bring joy.

October 4 | Connected to Our World – Giving | Matthew 6:25-34

It is very normal to grasp tightly and hold things close right now. We are worried and anxious. Jesus wants to set us free from fear. He wants us to trust our connection to God and each other. This week, we learn about the surprising key to freedom and trust and the equipment you need to connect to Christ in a fresh way.

October 11 | Connected to God – Worship | Psalm 103 

How does one truly worship in the midst of a pandemic, when we can’t physically gather in church? It is possible to learn to worship God in new ways. Come learn how to create a deeper connection to God, how to securely anchor your faith in a virtual time, and how to stay connected to one another as we worship together.