This Pandemic Life

Our everyday lives have changed, with a return to “normal” hard to imagine. When dealing with heightened anxiety and uncertainty, our stress levels rise. In these times, it is important for us to seek God and wisdom in the Bible. Using the Book of James, we will look at what the Bible tells us about how to graciously walk through hardships and challenges.

May 31 | Rest is the Best – James 1:13-18
It seems everyone around you is trying to accomplish something big. Someone just started baking their own bread, while another parent is teaching their third grader calculus. But, you’re struggling to keep up. The temptation of it all is too much. This week, we will talk about how to set boundaries to give yourself rest during this season.

June 7 | Owned by the Tone – James 3: 1-12
When we are stressed, it is easy to lash out, not to listen and to express anger at people. But, is that the best that we can do? James suggests that our words have a great deal of power and considering how much more time we are all spending with loved ones, watching our words and our tones is critical.

June 14 | Stewed by the Mood – James 5: 7-11
When hardship finds its way in our lives, we often seek control and learn quickly that many things are out of control. This can create more anxiety and worry than we can manage. In scripture, we often hear about the importance of patience. In this sermon, hear about the power of patience in scripture and from our church mothers and fathers.