The best preparation for Christmas is when we have almost a childlike rediscovery of the season. Yet, even at Christmas, the world and its reality can make us lose hope and as a result, make us less loving and joyful. Join us as we embrace again the true wonder of Christmas time.

December 1 | Rediscover Hope – Isaiah 40:28-31
Waiting is often an exercise in hope. Advent is about preparing for Christmas. Do you remember being a child and the anticipation you felt as you waited for Christmas morning. It seemed like it was forever away. How do we wait like children?

December 8 | Rediscover Joy – Romans 15:4-13
Sometimes it feels as if we spend the Christmas season trying to be happy, or make others happy. But what if this year we tried to be joyful? Joy is deeper and more lasting. Joy can be present even when life is hard. Come explore finding joy in the season.

December 15 | Rediscover Love
Join us for our Christmas Cantata.

December 22 | Rediscover Peace – Luke 1:26-38
This time of year can often feel frantic, and even disruptive with all of the expectations of the season. How might we find peace in the midst of all that is swirling around us? As we draw close to the birth of Jesus, come hear a message of peace and hope.

December 23 & 24 | Rediscover Light – John 1:1-5, 9-15
Jesus came to be light to the world. Join us as we celebrate the coming of light, hope and peace this Christmas Eve.