God's Plan

Often we hear people talk about God’s plan for their lives. Many times, it is about large decisions that need to be made and God’s activity in those decisions. Sometimes, it is a way of explaining hardship and pain. It can be confusing. During this series, we will take a look at what God’s plans are for us and God’s activity in our lives.

February 2 | God Has a Plan – Jeremiah 29:10-14
When we talk about God’s plan, sometimes we think that it is about what we will eat for breakfast that day or what clothes we will wear. But what if God’s plan is not about the specifics of our day-to-day life? This week, we will explore a famous passage about God’s plan and a future hope.

February 9 | God’s Plan and Pain – Isaiah 43:1-7
Sometimes when bad things happen to people, they question what God’s plan for them is in the midst of their pain. Why has God caused this pain? It is important to know that God’s plan for our lives is not for us to be harmed. Join us this week as we look at where God is in the midst of pain.

February 16 | Messing up God’s Plan – Isaiah 53:1-6
What if I mess up God’s plan for my life? Sometimes people wonder if the actions that they take could cause such a course correction that God’s plan or, even more importantly, God’s love could be removed. This sermon will focus on our relationship with God’s love.