Tom Berlin’s October 10 eNote

Today I am in the sanctuary listening to two Floris members practice for a concert that’s coming up in November. The concert is called Healing Hearts, and it will take place on November 8, 7 p.m. Put that on your calendar now. I think that you are going to enjoy it. A number of people in our church are offering their musical talents. Don’t forget to invite your friends.

I wanted to let you know about the amazing generosity we’ve had in response to Hurricane Dorian. About $14,000 has been collected due to your generosity. I am really pleased about that.

I am also excited because Sunday we are going to talk about small steps and giant leaps in generosity. As many of you know, I get really excited when talking about generosity because I have found that when you have a generous spirit, and I don’t just mean money, that changes everything. It changes relationships and enriches your life. We will be talking about that on Sunday. Come and be a part of that.

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