Tom Berlin’s January 23 eNote

On the second floor of the building we have a space where we often display art. Currently the exhibit features art by members of our church. If you haven’t done so, I’d like to encourage you to come take a look at it when you are in the building. I think you will be amazed by the pieces that are here.

I spoke Sunday about the CURE bus tour (Clergy United for Racial Empathy). One of the places they visited was Danville, VA, where the events of “Bloody Monday” in 1963 took place. Below is a link to a PBS video about this trip, which includes an interview with people who were there that day. Since I mentioned it Sunday I wanted you to have access to that video.

On Sunday we held a town hall meeting about the Protocol Agreement. A video recording of that will be available sometime next week.

“Faithful and Inclusive” is a six-week study we will be doing. Barbara Miner and I will lead the study which will start on Thursday, February 13. If you would like to sign up for that, please visit the link below. The focus of this study is how United Methodists can be obedient to God’s Word and fully inclusive of LGBTQ persons. There are a lot of scripture passages we will look at, theological conversations and biblical interpretations we will consider. Come and be a part of that.

Finally, 2019 contribution statements will be mailed early next week. You will have them with plenty of time for tax preparation. If you do not receive one or have any questions, please contact Karen Heier ( Thank you for all of your generosity at Floris United Methodist Church. I hope you are having a good week. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

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