Editor’s Note: This week seven middle school students and twoleaders traveled to Winchester, Virginia to participate in a Jeremiah Project (JP) mission camp. Students help with a wide range of home repair opportunities, from painting to building wheelchair ramps. The following is a blog post from one of the students, Sean Egan.

In Winchester, we worked with our homeowner, Ms. Brown. Her home was in a beautiful place and a quiet neighborhood. It was decorated with many crosses, and she had a lot of pictures of her children, grandchildren and even her great-grandchildren.

At Ms. Brown’s home, we painted a wheelchair ramp and removed and replaced the caulk in her bathroom tub. The Jeremiah Project believed that the moldy caulk in her bathroom was becoming dangerous so we were tasked with removing it for Ms. Brown’s safety. We had to take putty knives to the existing caulk and remove it. As we were cutting out the old caulk, the unmolded caulk on the inside oozed out.

Ms. Brown was a quiet woman so we didn’t really have long conversations. However, I noticed that she used her few words and actions to show how kind she was. For example, when we arrived at her home on the first day, she wasn’t there, so we just started working. We worked all day, and then, a few hours before we finished for the day, she arrived. She told us that she was visiting her sister in a home for people with dementia. After she got home, she said hello to us and then called her sister to let her know that she got home safely and that she loves her.

I think God showed through the many selfies we took. Yes, believe it or not, the group took well over 150 selfies with one of the JP junior staff’s phones. Taking these selfies helped us bond as a crew on our first day together. They helped us stay loose on our worksite and kept us energized as we took breaks under the hot sun. Having the ability to goof off a little helped us make it through a hard day of work.

Altogether, this trip was a great experience as we worked on Ms. Brown’s house with our workgroup to help her live a life that’s just a little more comfortable.

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